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Is twitter traffic to your website real or fake?

From Christopher Mitchell at 03:34:27 on the 16/05/2009.
Ever noticed that as soon as you post a link to your website on twitter you get like 20-60 visitors to that link instantly? Is that traffic real, or is it faked by twitter to make their website seem more popular, and a great place to spread news? I mean there must be thousands of website owners posting links, no way has twitter got enough visitors to visit all those links!
From Muhammad Lewis at 18:12:54 on the 17/05/2009.
Good point. I have been thinking along the same lines, and do not post anything on twitter anymore. It just doesn't make sense. Doesn't matter if the link you post has a great discription, or if it sounds boring, you will still get 20 visitors to it. That just cannot be for real. Traffic is just not that easy to get;-). I do believe however that if your link is posted on a popular twitter page, that the majority of the traffic then is for real.
From Elliot Hunter at 05:37:08 on the 19/05/2009.
You trying to tell me I've been wasting my time posting all those links?
From Cameron MacLeod at 19:53:20 on the 20/05/2009.
Yea, that's true with the popular pages. It's rarely happend to me, but sometimes I do get a link posted and receive a lot of traffic!
From Garren Harland at 15:00:41 on the 26/11/2009.
Yea, twitter traffic has to be fake. There is too much of it that comes through every time a link is posted. And the link can even be irrelevant drivel. What you will also want to watch out for is traffic from services such as ezinearticles. Obviously some might be real, but on the other hand a lot of it will more than likely be robots, etc coming through the links that you have posted. I don’t think they generate fake traffic though.
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