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Does Google rank your site lower for using fullscreen ads?

From Charlie Peake at 19:37:07 on the 07/08/2009.
I recently joined adBrite, and am tempted to try out their full screen ads. I am a bit apprehensive though on what effects they might have on my Google rank. Will I receive a lower rank if I start using them? Does Google mind?
From Josh Clark at 17:48:53 on the 08/08/2009.
That is a question I have asked myself a lot recently. I have removed my full page ads. I am receiving less traffic through Google, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was due to using full screen ads.
From Freddie Kerr at 12:08:06 on the 10/08/2009.
I'd recommend not to use adBrite full screen ads for an entirely different reason. Some of the websites that advertise through them will highjack your traffic. All that adBrite's full screen ads are is a frame with the advertisers website inside it. Of course all the advertiser needs is a frame escape code, and he has hijacked your hard earned traffic. And guess what is the best part of this whole deal, you won't see a cent for the hijacked traffic. Quality isn't it...

Oh, and since it's a frame it's bound to have an effect on your Google rank, since most of the websites using these full page ads are low rank websites, and you are referencing them on your site. Not to (ad)brite;-)!
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