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Is using ad services other than Google AdSense a bad idea?

From Oscar Ali at 12:51:20 on the 01/07/2009.
I have come across quite a few articles recently describing other advertisers, and their pros and cons. Would advertising with these companies be a good idea, or just an invitation for trouble? Are they safe?
From Riley Kerr at 08:24:04 on the 02/07/2009.
Yes and no. Some are safer than others, and some are safe to a certain extent. Take adBrite for instance, which is one of the better known Google AdSense alternatives. Their CPM ads are ok, but they have full screen ad’s that pose a real security risk to your website. It is not rare that advertisers use these full screen frame ads (that just display the advertisers website within them) to hijack the website’s traffic. Really annoying. The only alternatives that are really worth while are the higher ranked CPM advertisers, that pay you per 1000 impressions. To get into these programs however you will need high rates of traffic, and it may work out that you receive the same amount of income as with Google AdSense. Unless you have a really low CTR it is not really worth looking for alternatives. That is my opinion anyway.
From Garren Harland at 13:56:44 on the 04/11/2009.
Even AdBrite's non page ads sometimes contain malware. Beware, if google scans your site and it happens to contain malware your rank will go down. They will make you pay. I'd stick with the big advertisers: Google, Yahoo, Doubleclick etc. With everyone else you are just asking for trouble!
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