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Looking for opinions on AntVenture: what kind of CPM can I expect?

From Harry Smith at 10:42:16 on the 05/05/2009.
I've received an Email inviting me to join AntVenture, and just wanted to ask whether or not they are legit, or if this is just more spam? Will using their ads be worthwhile for my website, and more importantly do they actually pay?
From Logan Stewart at 13:53:51 on the 06/05/2009.
You will be looking at a really low eCPM if you join them. They claim that it will take a few weeks for them to figure out your ideal eCPM, and during that time you will be earning around $0.03 per thousand visitors. If you can't earn that much through AdSense your site is a lost cause.

To make things worse you will be posting ads from other ad servers through AntVenture, some of which use malware. This of course will not only piss of your visitors, but also have an effect on your Google ranking.

My advice: stay well clear!
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