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Why are Cost Per Click (CPC) rates so inconsistent on ad networks?

From Lewis Ali at 12:18:12 on the 07/05/2009.
Anyone ever notice how inconsistent Cost Per Click rates are? One moment you get a dollar for a click, the next it is one cent, and then all of a sudden you get a $2 boost! Does this make any sense?
From Ellie Anderson at 09:18:27 on the 08/05/2009.
Usually I find the higher your Click Through Rate (CTR) is, the more money you get. But also depends a lot on the advertiser, and the rate that they are using.
From Hannah Rose at 10:33:09 on the 10/05/2009.
You got to remember, advertisers, and visitors clicking your ads, come from different areas on the globe. We are truely talking global. Someone in india clicking on an Indian ad will make you less money than someone in the US clicking on an American ad. And yea, CTR also plays a role!
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