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Myth or reality: do some ad networks simulate traffic?

From Ben Young at 19:38:57 on the 14/07/2009.
This is another one of those urban myths that floats around out there that I am not sure I believe. Do some ad networks (not the big ones), simulate traffic? If they do, would they not be harming themselves? Especially sales oriented websites would surely switch to another network if the traffic that was provided did not generate much business?
From Christopher Young at 02:48:39 on the 15/07/2009.
Fake traffic would be noticeable if you used two different ad networks at the same time. I think it is done by ad networks though, but not on a large scale.
From Hannah RodrĂ­guez at 16:54:07 on the 17/07/2009.
If you were an ad network why would't you fake traffic? Most customers wouldn't notice!
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