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Are my blisters down to wrong type of shoes or bad feet?

From Taylor Wilson at 06:10:12 on the 13/07/2009.
Hey, I keep getting blisters on my feet when I go running. Is this due to me having ill fitting shoes, or do I need to harden off my feet somehow? I don't usually buy cheap running shoes, but they always seem to have the same effects, and leave blisters in the same spots.
From Tyler Walker at 08:34:30 on the 14/07/2009.
You might want to go to a professional running shop with the equipment necassery to check our your running style. Maybe they can either give you a tip on what type of shoes you should be wearing, or on the other hand they might be able to highlight a simple running stance mistake that is causing them.
From Kaiv Smith at 09:44:46 on the 16/07/2009.
Try wearing two pairs of socks for a while. This actually makes a hug difference. And also make sure that if you are wearing only one pair, that it's not a pair that is worn down.
From Muhammad Wilson at 21:23:05 on the 17/07/2009.
Not sure if this works or not, but maybe you should walk around your house bear footed to toughen up your skin!
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