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Can I reduce belly fat through dieting alone?

From Kieran Henderson at 17:49:40 on the 06/04/2009.
Hey. Not to big on exercising and wanted to ask if anyone knows whether or not it is possible to loose belly fat through merely dieting? Do I really need to do exercise at the same time?
From Logan Stewart at 16:37:31 on the 07/04/2009.
Let me put it this way. If you had the choice of racing around the world on a moped or a jet plane, which option would you take? Because the dieting alone approach is most definitely the moped. Where as if you choose the jet plain and exercise, you will not feel to guilty when you do treat yourself to something sweet, while at the same time your fat deposits will vanish. And you will of course feel a lot better about yourself. I’d get into the habit of exercising if I was you!
From Cameron Hamilton at 03:56:56 on the 09/04/2009.
Why on earth would someone want to go on a diet? I exercise a lot, and I am glad that I enjoy it, because I would never have what it takes to put myself through a diet!
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