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Is carboloading safe? Is it good or bad for your body and health?

From Harrison Miller at 20:39:44 on the 02/06/2009.
A friend told me recently how he got a pretty impressive 6 pack with carboloading, ie not taking in any carbs throughout the week, and loading them on really heavy over the weekend. And while this approach, combined with some serious cardio, seems to undeniably result in some serious ripped muscles, I go to ask whether or not this kind of approach is safe? To me it sounds really unhealthy!
From Thomas Williams at 01:57:07 on the 03/06/2009.
Not sure if any studies have been done on carboloading. I think that most of the individuals who do it are more interested in their looks than their health to be honest. I doubt an athlete would want to do it. I have been thinking about giving it a go, though I'm not to good on the force feeding part...
From Dylan Duncan at 13:07:34 on the 05/06/2009.
Ask your doctor before you try this type of diet. It might work for some people, but it could well be that your doctor would recommend against it for some reasons non-medical professionals can't come up with.
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