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How long should a stomach, abs workout ideally last?

From Ellis Simpson at 11:27:36 on the 04/05/2009.
Is it enough to exercise your core for 10 minutes at the end of every workout, or should I be looking to do more? How much time needs to be spent on the core?
From Megan Stewart at 18:48:29 on the 05/05/2009.
Depends on how important it is to you. Some core fanatics will dedicate a whole session per week to it. Others will spend 10-20 minutes after workout on it. 10 minutes is better than nothing. Only you can decide how much work is needed to reach your goal though!
From Katie Johnson at 20:17:04 on the 07/05/2009.
I remember taking part in a aerobics class for a laugh. They did a stomach exercise component for the last 20 mins, damn that burnt! If I did that a few times every week I would have abs of steel!
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