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How can I find out if a diet supplement contains banned substances?

From James RodrĂ­guez at 07:41:51 on the 05/07/2009.
Hey, I am training quite a lot to run in competitions, and naturally enough I am having a closer look at supplements to help speed up my recovery time and give me an extra edge. My question is though how will I know if a supplement has got banned substances in it, whether or not it is allowed or not?
From Samuel Smith at 05:09:51 on the 06/07/2009.
Well, if you look online you will find out that substances are tested, and given a classification based upon this testing for whether or not they do anything, if they are safe, or if they are classified as a performance enhancing drug. My advice would be to do a lot of research before you start taking a supplement, and make sure it is from a known and trusted producer. It would also pay of to ask a qualified diet expert within your field, and to ask what they recommend.
From Jonathan Graham at 13:09:04 on the 08/07/2009.
Do a lot of research. Especially you will want to see independent reports. Remember, the manufacturers of these supplements can post anything that they want on their own website to make their products look legit. You will need to find out from someone independent to make sure that it is safe!
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