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What kind of side effects are caused by taking steroids?

From Adam Davidson at 12:51:16 on the 10/06/2009.
I know everyone out there recommends that steroids should not be taken, that it's cheating, etc, but what exactly are the side effects of taking steroids?
From Jessica Patel at 04:15:28 on the 11/06/2009.
Roid-Rage must be the most famous one. You become really ill tempered. Then you start looking to star in action movies where you can walk around shooting and killing people in an attempt to cope with the mentioned rage. It might be caused by your knackers disappearing;-). That would put me off taking them.
From Mohammed MacDonald at 14:29:38 on the 13/06/2009.
I think they might cause bad breath.
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