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How many times per week should I be eating chicken to bulk up?

From Luke Patel at 09:42:02 on the 08/04/2009.
Would anyone here recommend eating chicken every day to bulk up? I know that chicken has a lot of protein in it, but how many times a week should I be eating it?
From James Francis at 23:02:45 on the 09/04/2009.
If you start eating it every day you will suffer from the effects of a one sided diet. Ideally you should be eating different types of meat and poultry, as they all have different quantities of minerals in them. Protein is important, and of course it is the most obvious component of meats and poultry, but there are other components that are equally important, and that can only be satisfied by a well balanced diet.
From Aaron Scott at 02:26:13 on the 11/04/2009.
You will want to eat different types of food. Don't avoid eating foods like liver and other perhaps less tasty meats that are actually loaded with all the good stuff! It is not as simple as simply taking in high quantity foods.
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