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Do feet toughen up the more you run, or do they just become more vulnerable to blisters?

From Luca Bell at 09:24:08 on the 06/04/2009.
I have started training for a marathon, and must admit I have straight away been hit by multiple blisters. Will these go away the more I train, or just get worse? Should I be investing some money into blister plasters, or just have patience and bear with it? Some advice would be much appreciated!
From Samuel Jones at 17:41:29 on the 07/04/2009.
I have never known a blister go away by itself. Generally they just get worse until you let them heal up. I try to avoid them by running with two pairs of socks on. I have tried blister plasters, but they tend to not stay in the same place while you run, and even seem to cause more pain than running without. My advice, let them heal up and run with two pairs of socks!
From Ethan Marshall at 13:33:44 on the 09/04/2009.
It depends, sometimes feet do get used to a new pair of shoes, and on the other hand if blisters are caused by a new pair of shoes it might be that they have not as of yet been broken in. If you are getting blisters in a pair of shoes that you are normally used to however, you will need to take the two sock approach. Maybe over time you can go back down to one, with the foot having gotten used to the rubbing spots via the two. All experimental however.
From Leon Duncan at 22:51:41 on the 10/04/2009.
Go to an expert shop, and let them check out your running technique. They might be able to tell you how your blisters are caused. You might need to buy a new pair of shoes depending on what they find while testing your running.
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