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Can growth hormones help me build thicker bones?

From Ellis Bell at 07:35:31 on the 13/04/2009.
Just a quick question. I heard that growth hormones can help you build thicker bones, is this true? And what are the side effects?
From Callum Fraser at 13:31:50 on the 14/04/2009.
They can increase calcium retention, which of course leads to an increase in bone thickness. Generally they are used on individuals who suffer from various bone related diseases though. I don’t think they are recommended for recreational use.
From Ryan Hunter at 21:24:30 on the 16/04/2009.
If you want to start taking growth hormones you might want to think about the potential side effects first. Taking them can increase the risk of diabetes, and they can also cause various joint pains to arise.
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