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Can you generate traffic for your website via youtube?

From Louie Campbell at 16:59:24 on the 09/04/2009.
How effecitve as a traffic generating tool are those videos on youtube where someone puts up their own link at the end of the clip? Does anyone ever type in the website and actually visit it?
From Nathan Walker at 07:24:16 on the 10/04/2009.
Since it's not a hyperlink I would doubt that 1 in 10000 people who watch the clip type in the website. You would need a really popular clip, and a trustworthy website to make it worth while. No one is going to visit a URL just because it is there.
From Jude Duncan at 10:30:52 on the 12/04/2009.
Not like you can monitor traffic from youtube either. No hyperlink means it will just be typed in. That traffic could be coming from anywhere.
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