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Has anyone here managed to sell any photos or pictures on fotolia?

From David Stewart at 10:14:47 on the 14/04/2009.
Hey. I have had a few Photos on fotolia for quite some time now, but no sails. How many pictures can you actually expect to sell via their network? Or rather how many do you need to have on there to make some reasonable money?
From Dominic Rose at 01:04:04 on the 15/04/2009.
Well, if you have a quality picture that everyone wants you are made. Otherwise you will need to take a lot of pictures (bearing in mind that the reject most images). Look for some categories where you talent lies, and where there are not already a ton of photos. At the same time the category has to be in demand however!
From Alfie Thomson at 03:04:35 on the 17/04/2009.
Lol, I don't think there is much money in the photo business, unless your are really good/a camera magician. Trouble is now days every fool out there thinks he can pick up a camera, take some photos, and make some money. Truth is, it's an art. It takes practice. If you are good however, and if you have the right equipment you should be making some sales. I'm no good, so that's why I haven't made any money at all on fotolia.
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