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Where can I make more money, Getty Images or Fotolia?

From Aidan Watson at 11:42:12 on the 12/08/2009.
Just a quick question as to where I should submit my Photos to. I want to either post them on Getty or Fotolia, but can't quite decide on which one!
From Jay Graham at 03:47:56 on the 15/08/2009.
If they are good enough you should definitely try to get them onto Getty. You will make a lot more money per photo, and they will get more exposure. Otherwise try Fotolia, although you will make less per sale. Try Getty first.
From Alex Kerr at 10:17:36 on the 18/08/2009.
Getty is tougher to get into, plus they evaluate your skills as a photographer. But if you are good you will want to try them first. It will also give you a bit of status;-)!
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