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What percentage of your picture/photo uploads does Fotolia accept?

From Declan Watson at 19:55:49 on the 08/05/2009.
Seriously, I uploaded 16 quality pictures the other day, and they rejected 13 of them. And then 24 hours later they rejected another one so I was left with 2. And those two (in my opionion) were not even the best two. Who judges these photos?
From Megan Mitchell at 11:14:09 on the 10/05/2009.
There rejection rate is seriously high. But I think they have got some serious quality control going on there that your average photographer doesn't understand. Why would they reject photos otherwise? After all, the more pics they got, the more they can sell! Not to doubt your photography skills, and I do not doubt that the images they rejected had their good parts, but maybe you should ask yourself what elements were lacking so that you can bare them in mind next time.
From Katie Johnson at 05:42:04 on the 11/05/2009.
I gave up posting images on there. Lets say I take 200 pictures, out of those 200 I will think about 30 are useable, and out of those 30 Fotolia might take 3-5. I enjoy photography, but I'm not doing it to sell images anymore now, because I think I lack some serious skill and patience. I still enjoy it though!
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