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What kind of qualities do my photos need to be accepted on Getty Images or Fotolia?

From Hannah Roberts at 11:12:17 on the 02/07/2009.
Just curious because my rejection rate on Fotolia is quite high. What are the quality controllers looking for? Is there something in particular that I should be looking out for? What do I need to be focusing on?
From Jessica Patel at 05:19:27 on the 03/07/2009.
I'd say first of all the photo has to be of something distinct. They have enough photos of landscapes. Your really need something unique. Next up that unique item needs to be displayed in a fancy way, with a great backdrop. It has to be sharp and focused. And most important of all the color combinations have to look great.
From Benjamin Wallace at 14:12:35 on the 05/07/2009.
Yea, the post above covers most of the items. There has to be a great interplay between fore and background. And it is also good if more than one thing is going on at the same time!
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