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How to find out if an online business is legit and not a scam?

From Noah Davies at 12:55:29 on the 10/08/2009.
What’s the best way of going about finding out if something offered on the internet is legit and not a scam? I’m not talking about spam emails, or anything obviously just being out to trick people. What when the website in question actually looks professional and as if they offer a good service? How can you find out?
From Thomas Williams at 05:55:23 on the 11/08/2009.
I know what you mean. More and more dodgy websites are putting in proper effort to look legit. A few years ago it was pretty easy to distinguish between tricksters and websites that were legit. Now however it has become tough.

First of all, I only trust names that I see in advertisements, or that I know are for real. This is through experience though, and having been burnt a few times. When ever the offer sounds too good to be true you just got to tell yourself: no. Not this time.

If you still can’t resist do some proper research. Don’t fool for the self posts where the company themselves have left posts in various forums discussing how good and worth while their services are in third person. Dig deeper. Think about potential complaints that might arise if the service was bad and look for those.
From Katie Johnson at 18:36:41 on the 13/08/2009.
Some dodgy companies have even got themselves documented on pages like Wikipedia. It’s unbelievable. You will need patience, and want to do your research.
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