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Online Vs. Real Auctions: Where can you make more money?

From Daniel Anderson at 20:03:29 on the 10/05/2009.
If you have something valuable to sell, where will you make more money out of it: an online auction or a real one? I'm thinking online, but just wanted to see what others thing.
From Jay Graham at 16:22:13 on the 11/05/2009.
Both online and in the real world it depends on where you want to flog it. Might help if you could tell us what you want to sell. Somethings will fetch more online, whereas with others, such as antiques, you might be better of selling it in the real world among experts trying to out bid each other. Also in real life it will be evaluated proper before hand to insure that it is a legit product you are selling, and not a replica.
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