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What is the best Anti Virus Scanner on the market at the moment?

From Tyler Peake at 13:27:44 on the 01/06/2009.
Hey, trying to decide on what Anti Virus Program to use, whether to stick with the standard Norton Installation, or look to install something else. Any advice?
From Luke Davidson at 01:08:02 on the 02/06/2009.
I'd stick with Norton until your subscription runs out, and then switch to AVG, which is free. I would combine that with Ad-Aware so that you are pretty much covered.
From Michael Russell at 06:58:50 on the 04/06/2009.
Avira AntiVir Personal is my recommendation, which is also free. But I think everyone will have a different opinion on this subject! At the end of the day you just got to do what is right for you?
From Ellis McLean at 19:51:49 on the 05/06/2009.
Is there any point in installing more than one anti virus program? I know there is no point in running both at the same time, but maybe with two programs you can cover more of the unknown or new entities out there?
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