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Is Norton Anti Virus the best Anti Virus Software on the market?

From Matthew Watson at 16:16:04 on the 07/06/2009.
Hey. Just curious since Norton is usually the standard Anti Virus Product that is installed when you buy a PC/Laptop, but is it actually the best? Are there others that are better more reliable? Or is Norton the standard that everyone is trying to beat?
From Rhys Paterson at 13:58:12 on the 08/06/2009.
I personally have never had any problems with Norton. I have always had to switch after a year of using a new computer to AVG, since AVG is free, and Norton charges a yearly subscription. So far no problems with either (that I know off), and I cannot really complain.

From Cameron Hamilton at 03:08:11 on the 10/06/2009.
Maybe paying for Norton will give you some extra peace of mind. I must admit I have had some other anti virus programs that I have paid for, which have been no where near as good as Norton. If you are paying for your anti virus software you might as well go with Norton and Symantec. Otherwise I would also recommend AVG.
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