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Cheaper Alternative Draw Programs to Adobe Photoshop

From Kieran Jackson at 05:56:56 on the 01/04/2009.
Hey. If I don't feel like forking out a fortune for Adobe Photoshop, what program should I get? Seriously, Photoshop costs way to much for just an image program.
From Ellie Anderson at 03:17:25 on the 02/04/2009.
I once had a list with free alternatives to programs like Adobe Photoshop. They are out there, they just need to be looked for.
From Robert Jackson at 16:24:35 on the 04/04/2009.
I use Serif Draw Plus X3. You have to be careful with Photo programs, that if you use them for work, you actually buy the professional edition, and not the home edition. I know chances are small that the manufacturer will find out that you have been using your images commercially, but they do have ways to check and find out.
From Ben Taylor at 07:16:37 on the 05/04/2009.
I hear Coral is quite good, but also costs a bomb.
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