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Difference between Windows 7 Professional and Home Premium

From Sam Kerr at 13:32:03 on the 11/06/2009.
Hey. I can't decide which OS to go for, Windows 7 Professional or Home Premium? Is there any major difference, any reason why I should buy the Professional. I am a student, and really only using it for home use, coursework, games, etc.
From Luke Davidson at 10:58:31 on the 12/06/2009.
Sounds to me like Home Premium would be more than enough for you. I think Professional is literally meant for companies who need something that works on an industrial scale. Also sometimes these versions do not differ all that much. It is just that a home edition version is not permitted for commercial use, and therefore companies have to fork out more for the professional edition. You however, as a student, not using it for commercial purposes on a large scale, should be fine;-)!
From Josh Walker at 10:30:00 on the 08/10/2009.
There must be some major differences. Maybe faster processing, more standard applications included etc. Look up the spec, or ask someone in a computer store. The licensing cannot be the only difference. Wouldn't justify the difference in the price.
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