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How long does it take for your anti virus scanners to complete their scans?

From Jude Wallace at 17:42:25 on the 06/08/2009.
Seriously, is it just me, or do anti virus programs take ages to do their job now days? I swear it used to take just about an hour to scan my PC a few years ago. Now days it takes hours on end. What on earth has happened to their efficiency?
From Dominic Rose at 03:29:29 on the 07/08/2009.
They are as efficient as ever. Only difference being that your hard drive has gotten bigger. Thus takes a lot more time to scan one document after the other. I do see what you mean though, with increased processing speeds you would wish that they would not take quite so long. Especially when you are trying to do work at the same time it's nearly impossible.
From Abigail Slater at 12:52:35 on the 09/08/2009.
It drives me mental. Seriously makes me question if mankind is making any kind of progress. A virus scan will take a while week if we carry on increasing disk space at this rate, without improving our scan times!
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