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Could cloud computing become a huge security risk?

From Lucas Gibson at 23:04:58 on the 12/08/2009.
Just thinking out loud here, but if cloud computing involves trusting online services, hosted remotely and off site, wouldn’t this be a huge security risk? Let’s say that one hacker manages to get beyond an online cloud computing hosts firewall, wouldn’t he all of a sudden have the opportunity to access information from thousands of companies, instead of having to hack his way through their firewalls one by one?
From Evan RodrĂ­guez at 17:57:53 on the 13/08/2009.
No doubt. Imagine if the same thing happened as it did with hotmail a few months ago where thousands of user passwords were published. If the same happened for customers of an online applications who had important files with a cloud hosts you would be talking potential disaster. I don’t think this whole cloud computing thing has been thought through properly from a security aspect. It is fine if you got loads of smaller individual services. But if it’s just the big 4 dominating the field things could turn really ugly.
From Amy Mitchell at 01:44:56 on the 15/08/2009.
I’d say its fine for your average personal email account... but cloud computing for companies? Wow, you really would be asking for trouble. Also everything is all of a sudden can be monitored that any individual does. No one would be able to write a document without a larger corporate entity being able to look into what was being written.
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