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Man gets through airport security with a knife, is only questioned about water bottle

Adrian Elvy, a 39 year old owner of a stock delivery company was travelling on a company trip from Bristol Airport to Barcelona in Spain. Unaware that he had left a 6 inch knife which he uses to open boxes in his warehouse stashed away in his hand luggage, he managed to clear security.

Indeed, the only item baggage checkers were interested in was a bottle of water he was carrying. Then in the waiting lounge minutes before boarding the flight he rummaged around his work bag, only then realising that he had un-knowingly smuggled his knife through the security check. He immediately spoke to a nearby airport policeman to hand over the knife, which was all metal.

Fear not, the employees at the X-Ray terminal which Mr. Elvy pretty much strolled through were identified and had no doubt received words from their superiors. This incident may serve as a reminder that metal objects need to be looked for just as much as dangerous liquids concealed as water, or as Mr Elvy puts it:

"I know there are rules about liquids on planes and I'm glad they spotted that, but then to just send me to the plane with something like this in my luggage is ludicrous."

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