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14 year old schoolboy survives direct hit by meteorite travelling at 30'000mph!

The journey of a meteorite that lasted billions of years ended by gazing past 14 year old schoolboy Gerrit Blank. At speeds of 30'000 mph the tiny rock left Gerrit with a scar on his left hand, allowing him to join an "exclusive" club of a handful of people who have been struck by a meteorite.

The rock created a foot wide crater. Gerrit was on his way home from school at the time. The student from Essen, Germany claimed that at first he 'saw a large ball of light' upon which he felt a pain in his hand, followed by a bang that sounded like a 'crash of thunder'.

The rock would have been much larger than the pepple which gazed Gerrit, having burned in the Earth's atmosphere. Scientists are now trying to determine the Meteorite's origin.

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