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Red Cross Symbol could be latest victim of political correctness gone mad

Although this may merely be an attempt to distract from everything else that has been going on in the house of commons, a labour minister has today sparked a controversy by claiming an alternative logo is needed for the red cross. The current one could apparently be linked to the Crusades, and therefore cause offence. Indeed, foreign office minister Chris Bryant stated that the historic emblem risked undermining work of the humanitarian organisation.

As a result MPs are debating a replacement through a red crystal instead of the cross or red crescent which some say have religious relations.

Of course this is all merely another case of political correctness gone (beyond) mad. The Red Cross has been around since 1863, is well established, and is a known signal recognised on every battlefield. Tory backbencher Philip Davies hit the nail on the head when he stated: 'At face value to the layman it seems at best a solution looking for a problem and at worst another example of extreme political correctness. No one has ever suggested to me that the Red Cross refers to the Crusades.'

A change in symbols could also cause confusion on the battle field, which some might coldheartedly take advantage of.

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