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Heroes Series 4 Rumours

For Heroes Fans impatiently waiting for Volume 5 'Redemption' to start, here are some rumours about what to expect from the upcoming season!

Ando will learn how to master his power!

Ando's transition from powerless sidekick to a legit hero will be completed in Volume 5. As if he ever needed powers for us to see him as a hero! Still, according to the actor who plays Ando, James Kyson Lee, Ando will learn a few tricks to convert his power into a legit weapon, instead of merely being a heroes supercharger. It will be interesting to see if his character takes a turn to the dark side at some point throughout series 4, or if what Hiro Nakamura witnessed in the future was all just a misunderstanding.

On the other hand, could it be Hiro who turns to the dark side instead?

According to Heroes creator Tim Kring, Hiro is in for a dark future. Whether this means him actually turning into a villain, being killed off by Ando, or the continued side effects from using his powers that cause nosebleeds, we do not yet know. However, according to Kring, Hiro's story line will be the best of all the characters in series 4!

Claire goes to college

Rumour has it Claire will be sharing a room at college with two of Heroes three newcomers. The girls in question are going to be played by Madeline Zima and Rachel Melvin. The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the character played by Rachel Melvin's "will share sleeping quarters (and maybe more) with Claire.". I'm guessing they mean powers. The third actress is going to be Deanna Bray, who will apparently turn into someone's love interest.

How long before Nathan figures out that he is Sylar

After Nathan got his throat torn open by Sylar in the season 3 finale, the writers could have taken the easy option out and given him some of Claire's blood. After all, that was the solution used continuously in season 1 when someone died. Still, I guess this makes a bit of a more interesting story line. We might even be install for a schizophrenic Sylar/Nathan, neither knowing about each other.

There will be a lot more flashbacks

Did you like the 1961 episode? I hope so, because according to heroes creator Tim Kring, and writer/producer Brain Fuller there will be a lot more episodes like that in series 4:

"Our goal going into season four is taking every character and making that character's story evolve into an entire series. We just want the smorgasbord of Heroes to be as satisfying for everybody."

Less characters with powers

You can have too much of a good thing. If you eat a lot of sweet stuff all the time it will come back to haunt you. And Heroes Series 4 will take a similar approach in regards to characters with super powers. That's a good thing too, because it seemed at one stage every person on the planet had some kind of power in this show!

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