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Scrubs Series 9 Rumours

I know what you are thinking. That the last episode of season 8 was called My Finale for a reason. Scrubs is done! John Dorian walked out of Sacret Heart and that was that! Well, not quite it seems. And can you blame ABC for wanting to milk a successful show to the max? Well, I for one can't. Here are some of the Scrubs rumours floating around out there!

First things first, is this going to be a cheap spin off?

Well, Zach Braff (J.D.) and Sarah Chalke (Elliot) have signed for six episodes. So yea, in a way, Series 9 might be a bit of a spin off with a few guest appearances. I guess the show's success will largely depend on the new lead actors ABC manages to cast. Will they invent new character that can win our Hearts over? In the meantime Braff (who confirmed the 6 episode deal on his MySpace page) and Chalke will be there to lead us through the transition.

Prepare yourself for a change of location

The 9th series will no longer be taking place at Sacret Heart. Instead we will be watching a bunch of students stumbling their way through med school. Whether or not this concept will be a winner is up for debate. Clearly a change of scenery was necessary to keep this show going, but how different will Scrubs Med-School be from any other Teenage-College TV show? After all, the Doctor-Patient interactions were a huge contributor to the success of Scrubs. They added an element of comedy that I just can't see a series based in a med school being able to compensate.

The good news

There is some good news. On the 19th of June it was announced that two med-school professors would not be strangers to the audience. And yes, if you have guessed it already, John C. McGinley (Dr. Cox) and Donald Faison (Turk) are coming back! All of a sudden this show does sound like something worth while tuning into!

Sacret Heart will still be receiving the odd visit

Even med-students have to put in the odd stint at a hospital to gain some experience, so no doubt we will see a few guest appearances by the Janitor, Snoop Dog Resident and others.


This show will either win us all over or flop big time!

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