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Nausea after exercise, is running induced vomiting normal?

If your training routines often leave you nauseated you are not alone. Indeed, exercise induced nausea, and whether or not it is a good or bad thing, is a highly debated topic across all levels, from amateur to the professional athletes.

There are loads of theories on the causes of exercise induced nausea, including over hydration, diet, heart issues, altitude, and some have even dared to suggest increased endorphin levels are to blame. My guess is that exercise induced nausea is probably caused by a mix of these theories, varying for each individual.

Since exercise enduced vomiting can be releated to the heart, I would deffinitely suggest that anyone who experiences it should go visite their doctor and get a checkup. Always good to be on the safe side. Additionally adjusting diet and water intake might also be a good idea.

Does exercise induced vomiting mean that I will experience faster results?

This is debatable, and probably different for every individual. If you are still making progress while at the same time pushing your nausia threshold further away I guess at least it is not hindering your training. Whether or not you could be achieving the same results by taking your training down a notch is something you might want to try out. A lot of sports clubs unfortunately do adopt motos along the lines "If you don't hurl, you are doing something wrong."

If you have received the all clear from your doctor, are certain that diet and water intake inssues are not the cause while at the same time not to bothered by it, and most important of all, if your training is working and you are improving, I guess there is nothing wrong with it. Otherwise maybe you just have to accpet your limits. I know that a lot of Olympic level athletes push themselves through the nausea barrier and just see it as a part of training. Unfortunately conducting a scientific study as to the effects of vomiting on training progress is rather difficult, and has therefore as of yet not been successfully measured.

Should I accept nausea after exercise?

Only you can know your body. Even if you have received the all clear from your doctor, I suggest you only push yourself to that threashold around properly qualified coaches with first aid certificates. Doing it by yourself, or around unqualified coaches who do not know what they are doing, is definitely not one of the brightest idea. Your lactic acide levels should also be monitored by your coach.

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