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Mouth ulcers could be caused by Zinc and Vitamin B12 deficiencies

Mouth ulcers have to be the second most annoying thing on the planet. Sure, reality TV takes spot #1, but anyone who has ever suffered from mouth ulcers can confirm that they are way ahead of all the other competition in terms of annoyingness. Not even George Bush could compete! So what are the causes of mouth ulcers, and how come we get them?

Well, apparently there are two types of people in this world, those who bite into their mouths and don't really have to worry about it, and those who bite into their mouths and end up living circa the next 12 days with an enormous amount of regret, a forced upon diet, and the moodiness of a wasp on a scorching hot summers day.

A few weeks ago I belonged to the second category, suffering from the mother of all mouth ulcers. I believe it had a record braking diameter, big enough to actually land a helicopter on, and it was located in the most awkward spot that it could find in my mouth. Right next to the point of one of my wisdom teeth.

Anyway, my agony was enough to even tell my dear Nan about it in our monthly phone call. And bless her she told me she had once put a newspaper article aside that actually wrote about the cause of mouth ulcers and how to prevent them. And would you believe she actually managed to dig it out and post it to me? I am pretty certain my Nan's house has more information stored up in it than the entire Internet with the amount of useful articles she has collected over the years, bless her.

Anyway, for anyone else who suffers from these evil sodden things, here's what the articles claims:

"Suffer from mouth ulcers? You may be deficient in iron zinc, folic acid or vitamin B12. These minerals help heal damage to the mouth - for instance by banging gums with a toothbrush" (or having a sabre-toothed tiger sized wisdom tooth growing out of your gums!) " - which can develop into an ulcer.

Good sources of B12 are dairy products; for iron, eat red meat, cereal and raw green vegetables; folic acid is found in lentils, strawberries and oranges.

White marks on your nails are another sign, like ulcers, of a zinc deficiency. Good sources include dairy products, beans and pumpkin seeds."

Well, I for one am going to try this out! I have had enough of the buggers. I would like to credit the source of this article, but it will have to go down as either unknown or my Nan's loft as I only have snippet!

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