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Using the function sql_regcase() to convert search patterns into regular expressions

The PHP function sql_regcase() is ideal for regular expression newbies, as it converts any search patter with which it is provided into something a regexp function can use to analyse strings with.

Let's take the following code for instance:


$pattern = "This is my search pattern";

echo sql_regcase($pattern);


The result of the above code will be:

[Tt][Hh][Ii][Ss] [Ii][Ss] [Mm][Yy] [Ss][Ee][Aa][Rr][Cc][Hh] [Pp][Aa][Tt][Tt][Ee][Rr][Nn]

Now doesn't that save time on having to place every letter into square brackets, and adding it's big or little brother for good measures?

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