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List and examples of various border styles available in CSS

Thanks to CSS borders do not have to be plain things. Indeed, with the choice listed below there should be a border style suitable for ever occasion. Especially the three dimension borders are worth trying out.

Solid - border:3px #ff0000 solid;

Produces a standard solid border:

border:3px #ff0000 solid;

Dotted - border:3px #ff0000 dotted;

Gives the border a dotted appearance. Looks better with 1px width than in our 3px example:

border:3px #ff0000 dotted;

Dashed - border:3px #ff0000 dashed;

Sometimes confused with dotted, the difference should be noted:

border:3px #ff0000 dashed;

Double - border:3px #ff0000 double;

Produces a double border:

border:3px #ff0000 double;

Groove - border:3px #ff0000 groove;

Gives the border a 3D appearance. Width needs to be set to more than 1px:

border:3px #ff0000 groove;

Ridge - border:3px #ff0000 ridge;

Specifies a three dimensional border with a ridge:

border:3px #ff0000 ridge;

Inset - border:3px #ff0000 inset;

Three dimensional inset border:

border:3px #ff0000 inset;

Outset - border:3px #ff0000 outset;

Three dimensional outset border:

border:3px #ff0000 outset;

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