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Using Windows Parental Controls to set Time Restrictions on your child's computer

Previously I have discussed how Parental Controls can be used to block your child's access to a set of defined websites. However, parental controls can be used for far more. In particular you can set time restrictions as of when your child's user account should be accessible. Ideal therefore to keep their computer access of limits when you are out and they are supposed to be focusing on their homework.

To set time restrictions you will need to enter the Parental Controls through your computers control panel. To access the Parental Control Panel you will need to click on:

Start > Control Panel > Parental Controls

Once in Parental Controls you will be able to select your child's user account to set the time restrictions. If your child has not as of yet got their own account you will need select the create a new user account option, and follow the instructions.

Note that once you have set up a separate account for your child or children, you will want to change the Access Password to your Admin account. If not your children could simply log in to your Admin account and remove the time restriction.

Setting the time restriction

Once your child's account has been selected you will see a number of options available to you regarding restrictions. In this case the option that we are after is Time Limits.

Inside Time Limits you will see a table containing hourly blocks for the seven days of the week. If you mark a block blue your child's computer account will be unavailable for that time span.

Once you have finished selecting the times when the computer should be off limits you can click on OK, and the times will be saved. Now you will only have to find a similar set of options for your TV and you will almost have something close to a distraction free house!

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