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Geometry Tutorials: How to calculate the volume (v) of a cylinder (or a pipe)

The volume of a cylinder (or a pipe) can be calculated using two components. The first is the surface area of the circle at each end. The second is the height. It is the multiplication of these two components that makes the cylinder three dimensional, thus calculating its volume.

First things first, to start of with we need to calculate the surface area of the circle. If you have previously not had to deal with circles, and do not know how to calculate the surface area of a circle, here is a tutorial on how it is done. For a quick overview however, here is the formula that we will be using:

A = Πr²

Above then is the first component of our formula. The second is pretty simple. Multiply the above times the height of the cylinder:

V = Πr² h

All you need to do now is apply your measurement units!

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