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Maths Tutorials: How to multiply fractions by hand

Multiplying fractions without the help of a calculator can at a first glance appear to be a puzzling task. Fear not however, once you understand the workings of it you will see that there is nothing to it.

Our first step in this task is to re-write our formula. So instead of having nominator over denominator times nominator 2 over denominator 2, we will multiply nominator times nominator 2, and denominator times denominator 2:

n/d X n2/d2 = (n X n2) /(d X d2)

Now that actually looks solvable now, doesn't it? Lets use the above formula with a some real numbers. So, the following constellation

3/4 X 1/3

will be equal to:

(3 X 1)/(4 X 3)

This will of course result in the following fractions:


But that is not the end of it. You see three twelfths can be represented as an even smaller fraction, namely one fourth:

3/12 = 1/4

And there is your end result: 1/4!

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